Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jewish Press Op-Ed Page Advocates Treason?

More Jewish Press fun. Op-Ed writer Arnold S. Mazur has had enough of Barack Obama. (From what I can tell, Mazur’s claim to fame is that he was Executive Vice-President of Sales with CA Technologies sometime in the ‘80s, when the Jewish Press credits him with “defying the Arab boycott.”) Anyway, Barack Obama is so bad for Israel, he recommends that Israel, our current ally, begin to realign its foreign policy to be more in tandem with China, our current not-ally, and major rival for world domination. Helpful.

Besides the possibly treasonous angle here of an American citizen urging an allied state to start weakening that alliance (I know it’s not actually treason, thanks), I’d like to just highlight for a moment the great stupidity here.

I understand that many Jews believe that Barack Obama is bad for Israel. I disagree, but surely reasonable people can differ on the interpretation of stimuli. But I think it’s important to note here that when we say “bad for Israel,” we don’t mean in the same way that President Hitler would be bad for Israel. At least I hope so. My assumption is that most rational Jewish Obama-haters don’t actually believe that Obama is seeking ways to destroy Israel, but rather they complain that he is not a strenuous enough advocate on Israel’s behalf, more than anything else. Another frequently aired complaint is that he may be more sympathetic to the Palestinians than to the Israelis.

My point is, that Obama on his worse day is a much better friend to Israel than Hu Jintao (or whoever controls Chinese foreign policy) will ever be. Mazur himself recognizes that China has no particular need for Israel at the moment, and that China has far more to gain by staying cozy to countries like Iran. For some reason, though, he is assuming that Israel can win China over.

Let’s just run through some of the differences between the American-Israeli relationship and the Sino-Israeli relationship.

America is the largest, richest, most powerful country in the world. It has been allied with Israel for at least 40 years. It is home to around 6 million Jews, who wield a disproportionate amount of influence in media, politics and finance, typically in favor of Israel. It is home to a powerful lobby, AIPAC, that is widely considered to be the most successful ethnic lobby in the history of mankind. It is virtually impossible for Congress to pass a resolution critical of Israel, or for the executive to make remarks critical of Israel. The United States gives $3 billion in foreign aid to Israel, more than any other country in the world, and much of it is used to purchase the latest American military equipment. It is currently in a war trying to kill Islamic terrorists, whom Israel has long considered a major existential threat, and has, to that end, toppled governments in Iraq and Afghanistan hostile to Israel, and is currently doing its damndest to ensure that Iran not get a nuclear weapon.

China, a totalitarian state, is home to practically no Jews, and none of them are politically powerful. It’s main foreign policy concern is securing enough oil for its rapidly developing economy, which means cozying up to countries that have oil, the vast majority of which Israel hates. America may be accused of not pushing hard enough for tough sanctions against Iran, but China actively resisted any sanctions at all. There is no Jewish lobby in China, and China gives no aid to Israel. China has no use for Israel at all, whereas it has great use for countries Israel considers to be enemies.

Why the hell would anyone counsel Israel to switch allegiance from the US to China?

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